About us:


“DBH RUS” Ltd is the daughter firm of the German company DBH Osthandelsgesellschaft mbH, which will soon celebrate its 30th anniversary. The main employees of the company possess many years of working experience with Russian companies within the CMEA, that is the reason why many firms on the Russian market know and relish us starting from the 1960s as the reliable partner.

1990 – the foundation of DBH Osthandelsgesellschaft mbH, with the headquarter in Berlin. The official opening of the representative office in Moscow.

1992 – 2008 – the opening of the representative offices in Prague, Warsaw, Budapest, Sofia, as well as in Romania and Slovakia.

2007 – 2014 – the foundation of the daughter firms in Russia, Poland and Romania. DBH is actively involved in the process of economic integration, based on its many years of experience in the international chemical products trading. The strengths of our team are flexibility, performance, professional “know-how”. With the help of our offices in Central and Eastern Europe, we analyze the market not from the mass media, but directly on the ground. Our experts know, which chemical products are in need of, which enterprises produce this or that raw material, and how it is possible to establish a partnership. Our employees are competent, experienced and enjoy the personal confidence of the business partners.

We are constantly reaching out for serious contacts and minimizing business risks. Our good reputation is a guarantee for the observance of all contractual conditions. We provide technical support to our customers and, if necessary, we promptly organize the arrival of technical experts from the manufacturers to the production sites of our customers. The continuous cooperation with more than 150 partners is a significant proof of our competence and efficiency.

The co-founders of the German mother company are the largest international manufacturers of chemical raw materials.



Having accumulated many years of experience in importing, customs clearance, storage and distribution of chemical raw materials our company is capable to import and to sale your products in the Russian Federation.

We are offering the following product range:

PVC, PVC-Compounds, Additives for PVC

  • PVC-Compounds
  • Thermostabilizers
  • Epoxidized plant oils
  • Biocides
  • Phosphites
  • Special plasticizers
  • Сhemical blowing agents
  • Various compounds
  • Additional additives
    • Lubricants
    • Antistatics
    • Bonding agents
    • Сalcium stearate
    • Antioxidants
    • Zinc stearate
    • Viskosity depressants for PVC-plastisols

Elastomers, Rubbers, Chemicals for Rubbers

  • Fluorine-containing elastomers (FKM)
  • Thermoplastic vulcanizates
  • Liquid silicone rubbers (LCR)
  • High temperature vulcanization silicone rubbers (HTV)
  • Chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSM)
  • Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE)
  • Butadiene-styrene rubbers (SBR)
  • Acrylate rubbers (ACM)
  • Chloroprene rubber (CR)
  • Rubber compounds
  • Chemicals for rubbers (powders and masterbatches)
    • Accelerators
    • Antioxidants
    • Activators
    • Vulcanizing agents
    • Prevulcanization inhibitors
    • Adhesion modifiers
    • Factices
    • Processing agents
    • Additives for improving processability of compounds and rubber mixtures
    • Porogenes
    • Platinum catalysts
    • Waxes
    • Foaming Activators
    • UV-protectors
  • Processing additives for production of tires

Release agents, atibonding agents

  • For rubber industry
  • For wood processing industry
  • For production of mineral-wood plates
  • For rotational molding


  • For production of flooringy
  • For production of wallcovering
  • For paint and varnish industry
  • For production of mineral-wool plates
  • For production of wooden plates
  • For production of rubber goods and tires
  • For car industry
  • For medical and food industry
  • For construction industry
  • For rotational molding